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Real Estate Market Stats and Info A Remarkable Recovery for the Housing Market For months now the vast majority of Americans have been asking the same question: When will the economy turn around? Many experts have been saying the housing market will lead the way to a recovery, and today we’re seeing signs of that coming to light. With record-low mortgage rates driving high demand from potential buyers, homes are being purchased at […]
Market Trends Thinking of Selling Your House? Now May be the Right Time Inventory is arguably the biggest challenge for buyers in today’s housing market. There are simply more buyers actively looking for homes to purchase than there are sellers selling them, so the scale is tipped in favor of the sellers. According to the latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), total housing inventory is down […]
Real Estate Market Stats and Info Three of the Latest Reports Show Housing Market Is Strong The residential real estate market is remaining resilient as the country still struggles to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. Three separate reports recently revealed how the housing market is still showing growth. Here’s a look at each one. 1. Ivy Zelman’s Real Estate Broker Survey The survey explains that purchaser demand remains strong: “This month’s overall homebuyer […]